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Der Steirer

Der Steirer

Der Steirer

Location DE

Austria | 8020 Graz | 2007
restaurant | 110 seats
concept, architecture, interior design, project management & consulting

Location EN

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“The name says it all.”

Styrian cuisine is legendary and we instituted a place for it in the very heart of Graz. Together with the Hotel Weitzer, we developed a future-oriented concept. The reflection of the region and the marketing thereof were paramount in the conceptualization of the project. The hotel and with it, the restaurant, acquire their unique identity through their relationship with the region of Styria, thereby fundamentally differentiating themselves from large chains.

The selection available at the “Steirer” consists exclusively of regional delicacies. In order to bolster the regional character, we involved the popular vintner Erich Polz into the concept. The wine shop, adjoining with the restaurant, offers a wide spectrum of local specialties and is marketed collectively with the hotel.

The architectural challenge of this project was to cope with the 1970’s furniture and finishings in the historic wine hall, which completely disregarded and devalued the previously existing structure. It was necessary to reformulate the wine hall into a modern restaurant, which inserts itself seamlessly into the historically continually amended structure. To that end, we exposed the vaulted ceiling and integrated it into our design. There is a wide range of seating options, from bar seats, to cozy alcoves, or communal tables, which serve to diversify the space and lend it an intimate atmosphere, despite being about 400 m2. Wine bought at the adjoining wine shop may be consumed in the restaurant. In Graz the “Steirer” has evolved from an insider’s tip to a prominent component of the restaurant scene.

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