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Coffee Pirates

Кафе Pirates

Кафе Pirates

Location DE

Austria | 1090 Vienna | 2012
coffee | 25 seats
concept, interior design

Location EN

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In 2012 a new coffee shop in Vienna was developed in close collaboration with the owners, Evelyn Priesch and Werner Savernik. Currently, the coffee shop has become one of the hotspots in Vienna for “honestly good coffee.”

In a space with 65m2, a feel-good locality to linger in has been established. The interior, with its light-colored wooden paneling, reminds one of a typical Columbian coffee shop. The central communal table, custom built for coffee pirates, invites one to make new contacts, and the vintage living room in the back offers cozy corners in which one can relive the world travels of the owners, guided by images and a collection of global knickknacks.

The bathrooms were completed clad in blackboard – the chalk is available to all creative souls! The coffee shop lives for and with its guests, and every individual is invited to help shape it, and to leave a message behind for other guests and the hosts.

The furnishings of the low-budget project were collected arduously from various vintage shops, whereby a special feature is the acquisition and renovation of Thonet chairs for the communal table. The counter, made of sleek corian, withdraws decently into the background, and works to accent the heart of the coffee shop – the “spirit” filter coffee machine.

The coffee is roasted by an in-house barista, the luscious cheesecake is homemade and the freshly toasted Paninis round out a harmonious and consistent concept.

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