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Hotel „Das Weitzer“

Hotel „Das Weitzer“

Отель „Das Weitzer“

Location DE

Austria | 8020 Graz | 2008
city-hotel | 202 rooms
concept, architecture, interior design,

project management & consulting

Location EN

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“The ingenious Empire of Angels”

The Weitzer is THE traditional city hotel in the center of Graz with over 100 years of heritage. After so many years, it is eventually time to rejuvenate one thing or another. Since our intervention, the ground floor has been completed overhauled and is no longer recognizable. The lobby is now open and light, and the new, warmer color scheme invokes a refined sense of comfort. Style seen in a cool lounge bar and garden island culminates in the new dining room, the “Empire of Angels,“  with a fantastic breakfast.. The various conference rooms have been modernly planned and remodeled. Likewise, we negotiated, conceptualized, and planned the integration of a branch of the “Vogauer Vinofaktur.” A revolutionary restaurant concept, the “Steirer” was designed as an independent restaurant connected to and affiliated with the hotel. The majority of the rooms were completely redesigned. They now embody the principles of the new “Weitzer.” Furthermore, the guest options were revised and the marketing strategies were completely redefined. The business model was successful, and the hotel, as well as the restaurant, have firmly established themselves in Graz.

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