Austria | 9565 Ebene Reichenau | 2011
resort-hotel | 27 rooms
concept, general contracting, consulting

“Because not only ski fashion should be chic.”

In lieu of the historic sports department store “Ski-Sepp” in Turracher Höhe, a distinctively modern bed and breakfast emerged. 27 rooms and a lounge with the intimacy of a living room are intended to impart a new feeling of domiciliary warmth. The guests in the lodge can cook together, listen to music, play games, or simply relax. Externally the new construction suggests a new interpretation of the peaceful alpine style of the 20’s, while the interior design reveals the scope of design possibilities of the 21 century. Modern architectural elements combined with local materials are skillfully accentuated.

The project is part of a master plan, which aims for the healthy growth of the mountain lodge. The affiliated houses are economically tethered to the main lodge, but operate independently, nevertheless.

Wohnbar Skizze

© Hotel Hochschober, Turracher Höhe
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