Wein*Genuss*Hotel Pössnitzberg

Austria | 8463 Leutschach | 2008-2009
luxury gourmet hotel | 40 rooms
architectonic consulting, interior design & controlling

„in vino veritas“

Wine is more than just a major local actor in the Nature Park Wine-Land in southern Styria, but is also the headliner of the historical winery, Tscheppe, which is maintained by the Polz family. We assisted the brothers Polz with the establishment of a hotel in which the notion of wine is meticulously integrated into every room in a wide variety of details. The hotel itself is aligned with the wants and needs of the guests. Within the parameters of a strict budget, a hotel has been established which meets the high standards of the brand Polz and which serves as home to the gourmet restaurant “Kreuzwirt.”

Skizze Pössnitzberg

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