Hotel Staribacher

Austria | 8430 Leibnitz | 2009
seminar-hotel |41 rooms
concept, remodeling, attic conversion &
expansion of the piblic areas

“Let your spirit flow”

Small projects can also be quite exciting. The hotelier wanted to expand his building step by step over the next few years, ultimately aiming at a total of approximately 100 rooms. In order to accommodate the changing needs of the guests, predominantly conference participants, we developed and established a new type of room in the process of attic conversion and expansion. In the next phase, the existing rooms have been dapted to this new room type and new conference rooms will be constructed. Elegant grey and red nuances define the rooms, while the motif on the headboard depicts themes from south Styrian wine country, associating itself with the surroundings and lending the rooms a cozy atmosphere.

Hotel Staribacher Skizze

Hotel Staribacher

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