Hotel Wiesler

Austria | 8020 Graz | 2010
luxury hotel | 98 rooms
concept, architecture, interior design,
project management & consulting

„Luxury, reinterpreted.“

The Art Nouveau hotel, built in 1909, desperately needed to turn over a new leaf and was given new, unconventional characteristics. A vintage-style dining room adorned with graffiti by a street-artist emerged from a dusty and outdated conference room. If Jamie Oliver was from Graz, this is where he would choose to cook. The lobby was also aligned with the new design. The fitness room was redesigned with an oriental flair. Of course, there is also a conference room, but now it is functional and modern.

The rooms were individually renovated and tailored, so that the dignified luxury hotel could be slowly, internally, renewed. Just as freshly reinterpreted luxury in the 21 century should be.

In the course of the repositioning, the historic façade was renovated and the main entrance was redesigned. An all-encompassing lighting concept was developed and implemented. The building once again shines like a gem in the city center of Graz. © Hotel Wiesler, Graz
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