Genusshotel Riegersburg

Austria | 8020 Graz | 2008-2009
wellness-hotel | 45 rooms
concept, architectural advising, interior design, consulting

„Immediate indulgence.“

Harmoniously embedded into the vineyard, the Genusshotel from Alois Gölles is a wonderfully refreshing retreat for connoisseurs. Pleasure is the central theme of the hotel concept. All rooms offer a breathtaking view of Riegersburg. It was truly a pleasure for us to develop and implement this concept with Mr. Gölles and his team. Furthermore, we assumed the role of project controlling during the execution phase and we also advised the client during the operative phase.

The modular concept allowed for the consideration of several levels of future expansion. Thanks to the high demand for the conference and seminar spaces, the hotel has experienced great financial success. This led to the first level of further expansion being carried out in 2013. Keep it up! © Genusshotel Riegersburg & © Fa. Kamper, Hart bei Graz
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